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Golf 101: How to Know Which Golf Club to Use and when

How to know which golf club to use. Different golf clubs are used with different shots - and if you didn't know that, you probably had better read up a little bit more on golf clubs before trying to go golfing.

To know which golf club to use for certain golf shots can sometimes be hard to distinguish. If you want to sink the perfect shot, you have to pick the best golf club. But how do you know which golf club to use: the nine iron, or the sand wedge? Here are some of the basics of different golf club sizes, how to know which golf clubs to use when, or how to select the best golf club.

First, to know which golf club to use, even if you’ve never been out on the green before, watch professional golfers on television to get an idea for the basics of golf. This will help you to not only see not only how the pro’s putt their ball, which grip on the golf club they use, but which golf club to use to sink their shot.

Watching professional golf on television or even going with someone who is experienced at golfing to the golf course will give you a better idea to know which golf club to use when golfing for the first time.

Next, to know which golf club to use when you’re finally out on the green, eye the hole to get a rough estimate for your distance from the golf hole. The longer distance you are away from the green, the smaller the number iron you'll need to use, such as a 3 or a 4 iron club, since the smaller number clubs are actually the golf clubs which are larger in size.

Second, to know which golf club to use, take into account atmospheric conditions. To know which golf club to use, logic dictates that a larger number iron such as a 6 or a 7 iron or even a wedge would be appropriate for shorter shots, however, take into account altitude, temperature, atmospheric conditions, and which way the wind will be driving the ball when trying to decide which golf club to use. Use a golf club that is larger if the wind or conditions are playing against you.

You may need to use a larger golf club if the wind or atmosphere is playing against you when trying to hit the golf ball. Temperature also plays a difference in knowing which golf club to use along with altitude, since changes in the air dictate how far and fast the golf ball will fly.

Finally, to know which golf club to use, take into account your own skill and strength when putting the golf ball. A beginning golfer, for example, may need to use more golf club than someone who is experienced at hitting the golf ball. To know which golf club to use, also take into account your physical strength. A person who can't physically hit the golf ball as far may need to use a different golf club from someone who can hit the ball farther.

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